Google Adsense Ban with Anti-Click Fraud Plugin
Click-Fraud (Anti-Click Fraud Plugin) Monitoring for Google AdSense and other pay per click advertising vendor. 

Prevents you to be banned and excluded from your AdSense account due to malicious third party clicks on advertisements on your website.
  • Disable your Ads when a user clicks too often on them
  • User will be banned and blocked for further clicks
  • Manual unblocking of IP adresses possible
  • Works, even without reloading of your site (jQuery)
  • Works with every Theme
  • E-Mail notification when a user is blocked
  • Activating and disabling of all Ads with only one click
  • Simple installation and setup
  • Service and support by the author
  • Periodic updates and improvements. (Feel free to make your wish)
  • NEW: Block your own IP
  • NEW Use custom name for your ad block classts. (Feel free to make your wish)
  • NEW Add iframe support for Google AdSense compatibility*
...and the last but most important:
  • It protects your AdSense Account from getting banned

The Plugin counts all clicks on your Ads. No matter if it is Goodle Adsense or any other advertisment. When the clicks exceeds a specified number it will be deactivated and hidden. The clicking user or bot will be blocked on a IP basis for further clicks. At the same time the plugin sends you a notification by email.


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